MishMoccs offers a classic design with a better mouse trap, here’s why?

Our moccasins might look similar to an average moccs, but indeed they are not. MishMoccs created a smarter design that offers a much better fit for skinny or pudgy feet. Our moccasin fit higher than traditionally made, and we created a smarter design that has additional cuts for the elastic to pipe through around the ankles. Resulting with a great snuggle for any child. Guaranteed to stay on, even after many wears. Typically, leather stretches after a few wears, and so it gets loser with time. Unlike fabric, we cannot wash leather and make it fit differently. Our customers with tough to fit feet, are loving the benefit of our moccasins and they keep coming back for more. MishMoccs offers fun and functional children shoes that are mother design, kids approved and recommended by pediatrician!