Collection: Sheep Shearling Hides

Our beautiful, limited edition Sheep Skin Hides are the perfect edition to your home. With many versatile uses, our hides can be used within your baby's crib, as a throw for your sofa or chairs or even as a bedside rug! 

The Benefits Of Using Sheep Shearling 

1. Exceptional Warmth. The wool harvested from sheep has the ability to insulate air circulation better. But wool fiber allows air to circulate leaving skin dry

2. Resistant To Water. Another big benefit of Sheep shearling is that it has an extremely high resistance to water. 

3. Highly Durable and perfect for any climate! 

4. Available in Multiple Colors

5. Moisture Absorption

6. Easy To Maintain, just hand wash with gentle detergent and let overnight air dry. Do not brush, just give it a good shake!


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