MishMoccs are handmade leather baby moccasins intended to guide our children’s first steps and honor our veteran’s sacrifice. Our founder, Micheline Thompson, was born in the midst of civil war in Beirut, Lebanon. She witnessed war transform her beautiful neighborhood into a frightening, almost unrecognizable place.                                                                                     In 1982, United States Marine and Navy troops were stationed in her neighborhood as International Peace Keepers. They offered her community stability and much needed relief for the locals. Since then, Micheline has had a profound appreciation for the military that stemmed from her childhood, and now she is doing her part to give back. MishMoccs donates a percentage of profit to help support veterans in need.

We #WalkWithPurpose and encourage everyone to join our journey in doing good for our communities.                                                                   'Life should not focus around the question, 'What have you done for me lately?’ Instead, it should be centered around, 'What have I done for someone else lately?"’ -Micheline