Why purchase domestic made? And did someone mention harsh chemicals??


I have learned so much about leather in the last year and in particularly, I learned about what is involved in the process of making it a finished material ready to purchase by end-consumer. I understand the importance of meeting and exceeding regulatory. And the commitment we all have to exercise to ensure that we DO NOT allow short cuts when sourcing a safer alternative. In particular when it involves children, especially the ones that are still teething.  At MishMoccs, all raw material is sourced from U.S. based companies, because we do not compromise on safety. The bulk of leather we use to make our moccasins and sandals, is in California from German origin. We know, Cali has higher standards than most of any other state, and Germany is known to the have very strict regulatory in place, even more so than the U.S.

In addition, when products arrive to our shores to retail in U.S. market, those containers are required to be fumigated. Maybe that is why often when we purchase a product that was made elsewhere, often it has the smell of chemicals.

Why else should we buy domestic? Because we only have one country and we should support our economy!