Collection: Personalize

Craft your personal message

With every request, our team puts a lot of thought, time and heart to ensure that your special moccasins are crafted perfectly with your little one in mind. Every message is different, and so is the selection of color and character placement. We first cut natural leather to fit on the back of the moccasins. We prep by hand stamping each character with a single hand pressed device. Airbrushing leather is not simple because we have to select complimenting tones and pigments for outer edge verses the inner part of the stamp, to match the color of the moccasins. For a final touch, we measure holes to secure your message with rivets. Adding a personalized message to your MishMoccs is not a mass produced application. Instead, it is always one message, one customer and one child at a time. We want to share with you the craftsmanship and kind touch that is put forth to help create your unique gift. MishMoccs offers memorable gifts that can be kept as a family heirloom.